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Eating in Germany

Hi Casey,

Regarding your concerns about eating in Germany - they are well-founded.  I
grew up in Germany for 18 years, so I am quite familiar with the food (we
are German).  Anyway, you pretty much hit the nail on the head: creamy,
rich, and meaty - especially red meat.  Also, Germany is not known for
being low fat - although in the past years, they are becoming more
conscious.  In many of the sauces, they use half and half or sour cream.
Even the salads are filled with meat, cheese, and a creamy dressing (they
would fall over if you tried to get dressing on the side ....)  I must add
that the German breads are incredible and, for the most part, not
incredibly fattening.  

As for what to eat, that's pretty tough.  If you can do without the fat
free part, I would try ordering salads "Ohne Fleisch"  - without meat - and
maybe "ohne Kaese" - (pronounced KAYSEH) - without cheese - and "Ohne Salat
Sosse (SO-SEH)" - without salad dressing.  The dumplings are VERY good -
and you could always order them "Ohne Sosse", as are the Spaetzle - potato
noodles.  All in all - I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and haven't
starved.  You may want to just try to order special plates ... with
potatoes, Rot Kraut (a VERY good cooked red cabbage), sauerkraut, etc ...
They DO eat veggies over there ;).

Also, if you don't mind the fat - the cheeses are exquisite!  YUMMY!

I guess my best advice to you is: everything in moderation and exercise
exercise exercise.  The German food is INCREDIBLE - you just have to get a
feel for what to order.  

If I think of anything else, I will let you know.