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The Kitchen Link and whistlin' Dixie

Hi, all,

Lois (WinterMoon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) emailed me privately and asked me to post
the URLs for The Kitchen Link and Dixie, which she must have missed.  I
promise I will get them both right this time <wink>.  Be forwarned that The
Kitchen Link is the antithesis of our list - they use a FRIGHTENING AMOUNT OF
FAT in most of their recipes, even the ones they call lowfat.  It should be
used for inspiration ONLY.  The archives are very searchable, so if there is a
specific fatfree recipe you're looking for (such as the pickled garlic recipe
I cut-and-pasted the other day) it's findable.  The home page is
www.kitchenlink.com, and the message boards (they take forever to load but can
be helpful when trying to locate a recipe or check out something new) is
www.kitchenlink.com/wwwboard/tklcc.html, if you want to go directly there.

Dixie's web site is www.dixieusa.com/DDC.html, but it will only refer you to
their telephone number - 1-800-233-3668 (1-800-BEEFNOT).  You can order the
catalog over the phone.

Finally, it is due in great part to this list, BTW, that I find any amount of
fat frightening at all.  Thank you, Michelle, and everyone else.  :)