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Yogurt Cheese & Spices

Hi All
Two suggestions and a question for today.

1. For the person wanting some yogurt cheese recipies.  The eaisest 
thing I have found is to mix about 1 8oz tub of yogurt with about 1 
tbsp of honey and perhaps a dash or two of nutmeg and use it as a 
topping for fruit.  It also makes a great fruit salad.  It can even 
work well on bagels or what ever your heart desires.  Try it I think 
you'll like it.

2. For all the people looking for a great Spice site.  Here is a 
little sugesstion.  Go down to your local nursury, buy some seeds, or 
even started plant, and grow some of your own herbs.  Its cheep, 
easy, and you will not believe the difference fresh herbs make in any 
recipe.  I start my growing my own about 3 years ago and I only use 
store bought herbs If I have to.  It can be real easy to grow some 
basil, time, parsely, chives, etc. even indoors in little pots over 
the winter.  Believe me, I have a history of kill many house plants, 
but somehow I hav had some success with herbs.  

3. Help!!
  My parents recently moved to a little community just the PA side of 
Willmington Delaware.  They live just a few miles from the University 
of Delaware in Newark.  Does any one know of any good restaruants 
around this area.  Over the holidays I will be spending a few days 
with them, and they, as I have seen people before say, SAD eaters and 
I have trouble when everyone else wants to go out to eat.  Any 
sugesstions would be appreciated