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Re: Spice prices

In a message in the Wed. Dec. 10th digest, Margaret Webb talks about the
virtues of the Penzey Spice catalgue, but then says:

> ...I haven't bought anything yet....I've only bought spices in small
>  quantities from the health food store, and of course Penzeys' prices
>  will be higher...

Actually, Margaret, not at all! I have no financial, business, or personal 
interest in Penzey's, but I shop there often because I live in Milwaukee,
the same city as Penzey's. Their spices are very wonderful and reasonable
and you can buy in any quantity.  Compare a spice sold in *ounces* in the
bulk bin or already packaged at the HFS (or grocery) to buying directly
from a company like Penzey's.  For instance, the little bit of rosemary I 
just bought at the HFS at $2.59 an *ounce* comes to over $40.00/lb! I'm 
looking at it in the Penzey catalogue right now priced at $8.99 - $11.50/lb. 
depending on the type.  And of course one can buy it in any quantities

I'm not trying to quibble about anything, but I didn't want anyone to miss
out on something wonderful by not giving this nice family-run company a
chance because they got the impression it was too expensive. The only extra 
part is the shipping - but anyone who orders from catalogues already knows 
that part!  Obviously, if you only need a small quantity of something, you 
wouldn't generally bother ordering it from mail order.

For anyone interested in giving a fatfree and vegetarian gift for the
holidays, spices are great!!  In fact, I do that often myself because I
consider it a terrific "universal" gift no matter what one's dietary
choices are.  Then when you take your special dish to the next party you're
invited to, you can talk about the spices that you've used, too!

Natalie in Milwaukee

> Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:08:51 -0600
> From: Margaret Webb <atheros@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Spice site
>    David Lynn told us about  a great spice site- Penzeys, on the web. I
> wasn't aware of the web site, but I've received several of their
catalogues...I've only bought spices in small quantities from the health 
food store, and of course Penzeys'prices will be higher......
>    Their address is Penzeys, Ltd., P.O. Box 933, Muskego, Wisconsin
> 53150. David gave us the  web site: http://www.penzeys.com/
> Their telephone number is (414) 574-0277 Fax (414) 574-0278.