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>Date: 18 Dec 1997 11:16:43 -0800
>From: "Zoe Sodja" <zoe_sodja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi everyone -
>Since I started McDougall, I've been "frying" or "sauteeing" in water or other
>liquid. I've been using one of my iron frying pans - you know those kind where
>you treat them with oil and never wash them. So of course that's not true for
>this one. But now some flakes of the iron appear to be coming off and I'm
>thinking maybe this isn't the best type of pan to use for this kind of
>"frying." What do the rest of you use? Thanks.

I mostly use my circulon  skillets for frying(mostly in wine and vineger),
but some people don't like that because of the Aluminum thing(very off

On the other hand, I cook alot in my iron pots and pans(with no oil, mostly
for soups) and I must admit they are a bit rusty.  I don't worry about it,
though.  I don't think enough iron gets into the food to do any harm, and I
have heard it said that cooking this way can increase your iron, though I
don't particularly believe it.

What I would suggest is that you make sure your iron pots are dry before
you put them up.  Wash them up with just hot water(no soap, no dishwasher),
and then put them in a hot oven or on a hot stove until they are very dry.
I do this with mine, and although they are a bit rusty, they are not
flaking, and are still very usable, although it is almost more trouble that
it is worth.

Hope this helps.


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