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General Tso sauce endorsements

Hi, all,

Guess I get to keep wishing you good things  :)

Wanted to let you know that I tried the General Tso recipe that Benito was
kind enough to share yesterday.  It didn't thicken up for me (maybe I had the
heat on too low?) but boy, was it ever yummy.  I added a teeny bit more hot
pepper and put it on chicken NOT with broccoli and brown rice for my younger
son and me.  It tasted almost exactly like the real thing.  The proof?  I gave
my older son just a spoonful to taste (he hates Chinese food) and he said,
"Oh, no - not that sauce from the Chinese restaurant!"  I answered, "No, I
made the sauce."  He responded, "Oh.  Well, congratulations - I hate it."

So, what did he end up having for dinner, you ask?  Leftovers of my version of
Jan Bennicoff's lentil and spinach soup over the brown rice, with the
ubiquitous splash of hot sauce.  I just love it when we can all eat healthy
and enjoy it, too!  Thanks again, Jan.