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Salsa Bread by Hand or Machine

Hi :

I would like to comment on the Salsa Bread recipe that was
offered a couple of
days ago for the bread machine.  

I really had questions about making this since prepared
Salsas seem to vary so
much, some are much waterier, some are chock full of
veggies, but I followed the
directions and found that the flour content wasn't nearly
enough to make a good
firm loaf.  In other words, for my machine, I needed to
watch it carefully and add
more flour as it mixed.  Since I didn't do this, I checked
it at about 2 hours and
found a puny mess of dough.  I dumped it from the machine,
hand kneaded more
flour, and made oven rolls from the recipe.  Now this
turned out fine, they were
tasty and reminded me of a Veggie Bread I made years ago. 
But hope that
if you try this, you will keep a close eye on it until it
is of a consistency you know
will work in your machine. Bread machine rookies, beware!

Someone else asked how to make this by hand, and it would
be very easy. Just
take about a fourth cup of hot water, add a half teaspoon
or so of sugar, add the
yeast, let it dissolve and see the yeast is foaming and
working.  If the salsa is cold
put it in a saucepan and warm it.  Put the flours,
cornmeal, and salsa into a large
bowl, make a well for the yeast and add that.  Then just
mix it by spoon and by
hand, kneading well , adding more flour, corn meal until it
is of a nice texture.  You
can add more warm water or salsa, this is a very forgiving
recipe. Form into rolls
or a loaf and bake at 375 until browned (at least 35-40

If anyone has any questions about it, I would be happy to
respond to private mail.

Jo in Minnesota