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Veggie Soup Question


I had the *best* soup last night!  Now, if only I had the recipe!  It was at a
local restaurant.  It's called "Vegetarian Veggie and Rice".  It was
broth-based, rather than tomato-based, and there was a lot of rice that was
kind of nutty and looked like it used to be wild rice (could see part of the
husks).  It also had carrots and broccoli (I think).   It was absolutely
incredible, and it looked like it might be easy to make.

I haven't checked the archives yet (haven't had the time yet - but I intend to
ASAP) - can anyone think of a recipe that might fit this description?  I'm
dying to make it at home.  Crock pot recipes are always welcome (haven't used
mine yet and I've had it for a year!).

Thank you!