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weight loss

Why must it be 50 pounds?   Maintaining a 15 pound weight loss is also
difficult.   I am currently trying to lose 6 pounds that  I gained over
the holidays.  I should be able to do it following McDougall's Program
as unlined in his first book.   I have never been that much
overweight.   I have been called obese by health practitioner,  been
told by family members that I would be such a pretty girl if I lost
weight, and been called fat by total strangers while walking to the

I was put on a high fiber diet for other health problems.   I am
learning to accept that I don't have to weigh 115  pounds.   One should
be able to be happy at any weight and no judged by others only by

Love Marilyn

I am not critizing anyone for trying to lose weight.   I am only saying
that we need to be happy with ourselves at any weight.