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using creme-it

I have a BIG tub of creme-it and I'm glad!. I use it mostly in smoothies
and sauces but here are some other recent uses.

Last week i made mashed potatoes using the cooking water with a heaping
tablespoon of creme-it whipped in for the liquid. I also added 3(that's
right-3) cloves of garlic and a half bag of dry onion soup. It wasn't quite
enough liquid so i added a little more creme-it milk. I thought it was
delicious. I love garlic!

I always use it on my cereal, too. I mix the nutlettes with another kind of
muesli, add a heaping tablespoon of creme-it, a little water to dissolve
it, some non'fat yogurt and a banana. looks bad but tastes delicious.

Once you have made "milk" out of it , you can use it for anything that
calls for milk.

So far the only Dixie products I've bought are the creme-it and the
nutlettes , which are working very well for me, so far. I have been
interested in some other things but am put off by the overpricing. I'm
lucky, though, to live in Eugene, OR where virtually EVERYTHING having to
do with food prep is available.

Just a note- I tried the chocolate cookies made with a box of devil food's
cake and nonfat sour cream. I really like them but would probably add some
broken pretzels the next time to mimic nuts. Has anyone tried that
yet??It's also nice that you can make them any size you want. They are very
cakey and it's like eating a little chocolate cloud!!


" The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly"
              Esidrius Erasmus

Anni O'Shea
Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon