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I also purchased some Creme-It, and have no idea what to do with it.  I 
purchased it because the catalog said it could be used to make gravy, 
however, all of my attempts in this area have failed miserably.  If 
anyone has had any success using it to make gravy please send me a recipe!

Someone else mentioned recieving recipes from the company when they 
ordered it.  I didn't get any, if you could send me some of them I would 
greatly appreciate it.  Maybe they only send them if you order the tub.

All in all, though I must say that I have been incredibly satisfied with 
my purchases from DDC.  The Beef Not makes great tacos and the Chicken 
Not strips were a big hit.  My kids liked them just plain (I reconsituted 
them in veggie broth) and I added them to a curried noodle mix (very 
yummy).  I didn't have any problem reconsituting them.  I remember 
reading a while back that someone had to soak them over night!  I just 
followed the directions on the package and got excellent results.  I am 
far too spontaneous to think to make something that far in advance.

I also purchased some of the faux "pepperoni", "canadian bacon" and "Italian 
sausage" products they sell.  These were Hearline, I beleive.  The 
pepperoni and canadian bacon were terrific even straight out of the 
package.  The "Italian sausage" was not too tasty straight out of the 
package, but I plan to try reconstituting it fully before giving up on it 
entirely.  I also bought some "Italian sausage" seasoning for the dried 
Beef-Not crumbles.  I was quite good with rice (kind of like the stuff 
they have a Popeye's, if anyone is familiar with that from there pre-veg 
days).  It's definately a nice variation.  

Some of the stuff is a little high priced, but still I think much cheaper 
than a me*t based diet!  We actually eat very few faux meats, and this 
stuff has a long shelf life.  So it lasts a long time for us.  It's just 
a nice change once in a while.  We celebrate soy for what it is, not 
because we can't live without me*t.