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It works!!!

This lifestyle works!!!  :-)  To anyone who is just starting out or who
needs a little encouragement, I just wanted to let you know that this
way of eating is GREAT for your health!  I had a blood test a few days
ago.  When compared to a blood test done when I was eating high-fat
lacto-ovo vegetarian, the results are dramatic.  (I'd been a lacto-ovo
vegetarian for 16 years; I ate very unhealthfully though.  Basically, if
it wasn't an animal, I'd eat it.)

	September, 1995		July, 1997
Glucose		131		67
Iron		43		87
Triglycerides	286 (!!)	133
Cholesterol	227		174

Also, so many people have said I look "so alive" since I've been
McDougalling.  So, keep it up everyone!  IT WORKS!!!!  ;-)


P.S.--Thanks for all the recipes!