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Vegetables etc.

Hi Everyone -

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for what to do with pureed squash -
now I just have to decide which to try first!

How to get young children to eat vegetables: my kids are grown now, my
youngest just turned 18, but I remember when they were little they grew to
love broccoli by pretending they were giants and the pieces of broccoli were
trees! And mashed potato was snow. I can't remember what other things various
kinds of food were - I'll ask them if they remember. Also for eating carrots
and salad and other raw vegetables, I used to call it "rabbit food" and they
would pretend to be rabbits.

Soy milk - I've never seen *non*fat soy milk, only *low*fat - is there such a
thing as nonfat soy milk? Lowfat soy milk costs more than regular and is
obviously just watered down, so we just buy regular and add water - it's the
same thing.

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz