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Pesto uses

Thanks for the recipes for fat-free basil pesto.  In years
of abundant basil crops (it won't be this year!)
I have made large amounts of pesto, then frozen it in ice
cube trays.  When solidly frozen, knock 
them out, and fill freezer baggies with them.

 Adding one cube to a small can of tomato sauce is a
wonderful and quick pasta sauce that two can enjoy. 

Adding a cube to an "ordinary" pot of vegetable soup, along
with a can of great northerns or your favorite beans, makes
it very minestrone like.

Adding half a cube or more, depending on your taste, to a
cup or two of no fat mayo, along with some lemon juice, is
a good quick salad dressing.

Thaw a cube, add to your pizza crust for extra flavor.

Here, in Minnesota in the winter, where you swear summer
will never show up again,
pesto brings in memories of green grass and summer days and
gets you through with
its sparkling flavor.  Any one else use this trick?  More

Jo in Minnesota