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>Does anyone know a site where I can find some good, simple, low fat
>on the net?  It doesn't need to be vegetarian.  I found some but they
>so many ingredients.  I hate to go out and buy a lot of spices or
i>ngredients only for one or two dishes. Any help would be greatly
>appreciated.  Thank you!

Unfortunately, no web site other than http://www.fatfree.com, which is
vegetarian of course.  Keep in mind that ingredients and spices are the
two things that really make eating low fat easy and beneficial and will
keep you eating that way.  Don't think you have to buy everything at
once - it should be a gradual process.  You'll eventually end up like me
(and probably a lot of us) and have more spices than you ever thought

Now I notice when eating out, most chefs or cooks "season" with salt
and oil - of course, olive oil is good for you so we should dump it into
everything, and a lot of it! :-)  It's the chef or cook who really knows how
to spice correctly that gets my business. (Obviously, in Wisconsin, I don't
eat out much!)

>Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 23:09:36 -0600 (MDT)
>From: SKINNERC@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: Can Pesto be Fat Free?

>I'm growing my own basil this year, originally planned to make my own
>This may be a silly question, but has anyone ever heard of a fat-free
>(Maybe "pesto" means "fat" in Italian?)  
>How about a recipe for a pesto substitute so that I can use my basil? 

I think in the traditional sense, pesto will never be fat free (kind of hard
for something made with a cup of olive oil to be fat free).  But, you can
experiment to make something similar.  A friend and I made "pesto" that
was incredible.  Sorry, no measurements here.  In a blender or food
processor, put your basil, spinach, garlic (we like garlic so put something
like 10 cloves), soy milk, a few drops of lemon juice, and seasoning and
blend.  Experiment with seasoning - it could be just salt and pepper if you
want.  We made our own pasta and with this pseudo "pesto", it has
become one of my favorite summer meals.  This is a meal I have dreams

Anne Newhouse
Milwaukee, WI