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Losing the last 20 pounds

>Hi Everyone:   I'm hoping all of you can help me.....

>I've heard that the last 20 lbs is the hardest well thats all I want to
>loose....and I just can't seem to get started.

Hi Lynn,

You know theres nothing wrong with an occational snack. Im a Fitness
Instructor and if you really want to loose the last 20 pounds I suggest an
exercise program. That way you'll be burning fat and able to eat more
confortably and normal.
Also you should look at what your craving, for example chocolate, maybe
your lacking some vitamin not eating enough dinner or vegetables.
Also go and treat yourself to healthy snacks, I like raisins. How about
some cereal to munch on?
If you don't mind dairy how about some lowfat yogurt? Do you drink enough
water? How about some soymilk? Cookies are sometimes ok if you could have 2
instead of 10 that would help.
 There are many options for you out there you just have to find the best
ones for you.
If you would like more support or if you would just like to talk feel free
to contact me.