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Simonetta Turek  <sst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<<The word "pesto" comes from the verb "pestare" which translates
into English as "to pound".  Pesto was traditionally made with a
mortar and pestal - hence the name.>>

Thank you, Simonetta, I've been misspeaking as well, also thinking it meant
"paste."  I appreciate knowing the proper etymology of the word "pesto."

<<Sauce in Italian is "salsa",
and for the thicker kind that one would squeeze from a tube one
refers to "pasta" - hence also "pasta", the word for noodles as it
is known in English, because it is extruded and then either dried
or not.>>

I did not, however, understand what you meant about the word "pasta" which,
now that I think about it, I *also* thought meant "paste." ..??   Didn't
think too carefully about it, did I?  :)


(while we're on accurate use of language - which I love - "pestal" is
spelled pestle)