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lentil/rice burgers

I've really enjoyed the lentil burger recipe that was posted...the one that
called for 1 cup of lentils and 2/3 cup of rice.  I've found it extremely
quick and easy to make.  I've had no problem getting it to stick together.
In fact it is so sticky, that I've found I have to rinse/dampen my hands
with cold tap water between forming patties.  Doing that keeps the mixture
from sticking to my hands.  I have spiced it up quite a bit...adding either
curry or cayenne or both.  We eat foods extremely spicy.  As far as adding
mushrooms....I'm just opening a can and draining the liquid and adding them
later as a topping, adding some fat free cheese and zapping the burger in
the microwave for a second.  Whoever posted that recipe...THANK YOU. It's
everything we were looking for.  My husband just carries the patties off to
work and if he's forced into it, will just eat them cold w/o bread, with a
little mustard squirted on them.  A portable serving of beans and rice. :-D
Nancy Allen