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this is a great recipe if you happen to be a vegetarian married to a "meat and
potatoes" man.  i modified my husband's traditional spagetti recipe so we could
both eat it and be satisfied.  it's pretty inexpensive and quick.

1 can of spagetti sauce (we like 5 brothers tomato and basil)
2 cups of harvest burger crumbles (find with veggie burgers in freezer case)
1/2 box of angel hair pasta (one pound box-whole wheat is best)
one carton of fresh campbell's sliced mushrooms (or whatever is available)
one can of vegetable broth

in one pot (i love nonstick coatings) combine spagetti sauce and harvest burger
and let simmer.  make angel hair pasta as usual.  in a small skillet, sautee
the mushrooms until they soak up most of the broth.  if you are pressed for
time, buy the canned variety and skip the vegetable broth (but i don't
recommend it if you have the time).  when everything is done cooking, mix it
together and serve immediately.  serves four.  my husband and i can actually
eat a meal together that is filling and of the right consistency for him and
dietarily appropriate for me.  hope you enjoy!

sara tripp betz