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Wendy wrote:
>I want to make some soups
>and pasta sauces and freeze them. I was wondering what would
>be the best containers to use...glass jars, ziploc bags, 
>Tupperware, etc. How is the best way to prevent freezer burn?

Except for freezer jam, I've tended to avoid glass jars just because I've
got the funny (and likely irrational) idea that they may be more apt to
break with the temp. changes they undergo.
I've used zip-locks and find them wonderful.  Last year I prepared summer
fruits in citric acid/sugar bases and froze them in zip-locks, squeezing
all the air out.  10 months later they thawed without a hint of freezer
burn, discolouration, or change in taste.  And the advantage with zip-locks
is that you can freeze them flat (good for stacking), or stuffed in a
container to take it's shape.  
Tupperware has also given me no problem and if micro-safe, makes thawing
and heating a breeze.  The secret to preventing freezer burn (particularly
with T-ware and the large opening) is to eliminate the air in the
container.  If there is a space between the food and the lid, crumple up a
piece of waxed paper and gently lay it on top of the soup/sauce.  You can
partially freeze the soup before doing this.  Then place the lid on and
'burp' the air out (of the container, that is!!)

Hope these ideas are helpful.


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO MGO
Reg'd Osteopath