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There are many ways to make vegan enchiladas.  First, the tradition
enchilada sauce is fatfree or at leat very low fat. It is basically just
dried chilis, rehydrated and pureed.  Easy to make, just pour boinling
water over dried chilies, mild or hot, your choice, let stand til cool and
blend til smooth.  Add some cumin, garlic if you like, and if you like it
milder, add some tomato sauce.  Or, you can use a tomatillo sauce if your
like it green,  I don't have a recipe for that, but should not be hard to

For fillings, you can make a vegetable filling, just an assortment of
juilliened veggies such as zuchinni and assorted colors of bell peppers,
some mushrooms and onions.  Season with garlic, chili powder, salt to taste.

Or you can make a filling of equal amount of cooked bulgar wheat and
lentils, this is heartier, more "meatlike".  If you realy want a cheesy
taste, make  it from soy and nutritional yeast:

blend soft tofu with nutritional yeast, , for 1 pound tofu,I would use
about 1/3 cup yeast. Add a little salt and think with water or soy milk.
Use as a ricotta thye cheese in lasagne, enchiladas, whatever.  Clearly it
is not the cheese enchilada you are accustomed to, but it is delicious and
much healthier.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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