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RE: Recipe Request - soya flour tortillas

Enza asks:

>I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for tortillas, or a similar type of
>bread, using soya flour?

Enza, there are many types of Dosas which are similar to a tortilla.  They
are made using fermented lentil flours.  I have found many recipes for
making Dosa on the internet, but suspect that you could also find them at
the library.  The problem with them however, is that they require you to
use LOTS of ghee (melted butter).  You might be able to make them in a non
stick pan using only pam, but I have not tried this myself and therefore do
not know if it would work.  The mix is made and then left out (covered
lightly) to ferment.  The taste is delicious - a bit like a sourdough

As for traditional tortillas, I have been working for some time to develop
a wheat free tortilla for use in burritos and such, with little success.  I
have gotten to a place that is somewhat between a tortilla and one of those
flat breads used for those wrap sandwiches, but the flavor is not so great.

Bette Haggman has a recipe for one in her book  "The Gluten Free Gourmet
Cooks Fast and Healthy"  but bless her heart...it looks and feels like one
of those flat rubber sink stoppers.  ;-P   Though I highly recommend her
other recipes.  (BTW, that's gluten pronounced "glue - ten" not glutton)

I hope the dosa info helps you, and should you find a tortilla recipe which
uses no wheat, oats, barley, or rye, I would certainly like to try it.


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