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Dixie's Peanut Butter

Hello All!  I look forward to reading my email each day to see what's 
new.  I have been VLF veg since February and found the website by 
"mistake" on the net. You all have been a god-send! :)  I love searching 
the archive for new meal ideas.  They are GREAT!!

I just received Dixie's Diner Catalog and was wondering if anyone has 
tried the "Mrs. Malibu's Peanut Butter."  Is it worth it?  Peanut butter 
has been my pitfall since I was a boy and the reduced fat peanut butter 
on the market just isn't reduced enough!  Please feel free to email me 
privately about your feelings one the stuff and if you have discovered 
any recipies with it or if you have found a better alternative.