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Mexican: salsa

Here's a no-fat, uncooked salsa that we love on hot summer days.

Fill a food processor about 3/4 full of cut-up fresh tomatoes.  I buy or
grow the Roma variety because they are a bit dryer than conventional fruit.
Don't use any kind of supermarket tomatoes if fresh, ripe-on-the-vine
home-grown ones are available!

Add 1 or two cut-up tomatillos (those little greenish tomato-like things
with a papery outer husk--available at most supermarkets), one fresh or
pickled jalapeno pepper, a small-to-medium cut-up onion, and 1 Tbsp each of
a mild wine vinegar (I use oriental unflavored rice wine vinegar) and lime
or lemon juice.  Seed the jalapeno if you prefer a relatively mild salsa.

Pulse the food processor in short bursts until the mixture is the desired
texture.  Refrigerate for an hour or two to allow flavors to mix and cure.
Serve with lo-fat baked tortilla chips (Lay's are the best-tasting ones to