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Re: Oshkosh and Fond du Lac restaurants

This is for Anne Cox <coxa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> and anyone else going to Oshkosh,
WI this upcoming week for the EAA Fly-In and wondering about vegetarian and 
lf eating.

Well, you'll need to be innovative.  BUT, that is not impossible.  I'm not
sure about a grocery store like Natural Foods (Fresh Fields) - I never did
find one so if you do, please let me know.  However, it is the beginning
of the season now for the farmers' markets and there is alot of farming
around where you'll be, so I'm sure your hotel or a friendly storeowner
can direct you to a terrific road side place. Or just venture west on
Hwy 23 out of Oshkosh and you'll hit one on the left side of the road
right past Omro or just before Wautoma (can't remember which).  

As for restaurants, I have traveled to both places often and here is what 
I can suggest:

Main Exchange on Main St. - They have a "veggie sandwich" that is super.
It's a lettuce/tomato/onion/cuke/carrot salad piled high on a wedge of 
whole grain wheat bread.  If I remember, they do serve a FF Italian dressing 
on the side - just ask.  I think they might have other goodies, but I got 
hooked on this one so I don't know.

Rocky Rococo - A famous local fast food-type pizza place (begun originally
in Madison where the original restaurant still stands on State St.) They
have a pretty good standard salad bar with one or more ff dressings.

Subway Sub Shops - Not sure if you know about these.  They have a decent
veggie sub on whole wheat. They carry fatfree dressing - it comes in a
packet so ask for two and you'll have an extra to carry with you somewhere.
(I told you I get around!  :)

Granary on 6th St - can't remember specifically, but you will find something
Pioneer Inn - will accomodate.  May be a little pricey as it's a resort.
Robins on Oshkosh Ave off 41 - neve been there but I was told are accomodating
Golden China - 2803 Koeller St. - Very excellent Chinese food and will make
	steamed veggies for you or dishes without sauce. They are very
	accomodating, so I'm sure they would sautee in water or soy sauce
	if you ask.  (I usually just go steamed, so I don't know for sure.)

There are a few other typical mainstays (Appleby's-type restaurants, etc.),
any of which I'm sure would have steamed veggies and baked potatoes.  One
place to beware of as you travel to Wisconsin -  The Cracker Barrel 
restaurants SEEM like they would be great, but I have found out that the
absolute only thing that is not made with hidden oil, lard or bacon fat is
the salad (which you have to ask for with everything left off except the 
tomato and green onion - but they DO have FF Italian dressing also in 
packets). They have a nice baked potato, but ask your server what it is 
rubbed with in case you like the skin. You may have to eat just the 
insides (but it will be generous). Beware that every vegetable they
serve comes out of a common kettle already swimming in fat.  

Whatever you do, you'd be wise to take along your favorite FF salad dressing
and just take it with you wherever you go. You never know if a restaurant
will have one or not. Yes, there ARE regular grocery stores with all sorts 
of produce, salad dressings, etc. :)  And since breakfasts are killers (at 
least they are for me), I never travel without my packets of instant oatmeal 
and some raisins to go with them. Please e-mail me privately if you want any 
info on Milwaukee as you travel there. I can get you to our best vegetarian 
restaurant and natural food market if you care to make the stop on the way

Have a great trip!

Natalie in Milwaukee