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Request and thanks

          I have been more of a lurker than a contributor lately
          because of all the traveling I have been doing for work.
          And speaking of that traveling, thanks to the person who
          mentioned the Thymes Square Cafe (I think it was called) in
          Bethesda, I ended up staying a block away from it and the
          food was lovely.

          But, now I am traveling again.  Going to Boston, staying at
          the Bostonian (Faneuil Hall Marketplace?) and will not have
          a car.  Any suggestions?

          Also, going to LA, staying at the Mondrian, which is
          actually in West Hollywood? 8440 Sunset Boulevard I think.
          I will have a car in LA.  Suggestions are appreciated.  I am
          having a craving for veggie sushi...

          One more request.  How do you all deal with business
          lunches?  I have been eating this way for quite some time,
          but my responsibilities have just changed at work and now I
          have to dine out with internal and external clients quite
          often.  I have already been dubbed "Sally" from When Harry
          Met Sally for all the questions I ask in a restaurant, but I
          just can't get by with a plain salad.  Thoughts?

          I will post recipies again soon, I swear.