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FATFREE Digest V97 #156

Regarding restaurants and health food stores in Denver:
1. Stores - Alfalfa's and Wild Oats - both phenomenal with several 
locations in Denver and Boulder.

2. Restaurants 
 - Healthy Habits: huge salad bar, pasta bar, breads, etc. Cafeteria 
style with fat free desserts.  Warning: It's all you can eat, and I usually 
need to be wheeled out I'm so full!
 - Jerusalem: Middle Eastern little joint with great hummus and 
several veggie items  - ask them to go light on the oil.

 - Beau Jo's:  Pizza place offering fat free or low fat 
cheese.  Choose from white, honey wheat, or sesame crusts - with your 
choice of crust thickness.  I always get extra thick (takes 20 min. 
longer to cook) cause I love bread. After you're done with a slice, 
you've got a huge piece of doughy crust and they supply a honey bear 
at every table to drizzle over your  leftover crust.

- Ethiopean Restaurant: Eat the vegetarian special with your hands! A 
mixture of peas, carrots, potatoes, lentils, and other items comes on 
a large dish for two - you eat it with sourdough crepe-like things.  
Go to the one on Colfax, West of Broadway.

Have fun!