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Genisoy has a toll-free number (1-888-436-4769) and will send out a sample
pack on request. The uncoated chocolate soy protein bar is vegan, non-fat
and very good. It does have 210 cal however so I just nibble from time to
time and never eat a whole one at once. Beware, they also have a chocolate
coated bar that is not fat free. I just found the bars at Traders Joe's for
$.99. Mail order price is $1.29.

Re the soy protein powders: I found the chocolate quite tasty. I was not
impressed with the vanilla and natural flavors. Again, beware. Although they
are labelled fat free, canola oil is a listed ingredient. Obviously, they
get in at less than 0.5 gm fat per serving in order to make their fat free
claim but this kind of advertising always irks me.