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soy milk and beyond

To Lynn Mancuso: you wrote: "what other kinds of milk are there?

Wow, will you be surprised. There is soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, oat
milk, rice/soy milk, and multigrain milk. These come in regular, low fat and
fat-ree. There are many brands. The soy comes unsweetened or sweetened. I use
the unsweetened for baking. both the soy and the rice come in plain and
When I first went looking for soy milk I brought one carton of every brand I
could find. I did the same for rice milk and the other varieties. You will
find some are too sweet, some are too thin, and some you plain don't like. 
I decided to switch to soy because of chronic sinus. But, I still used milk
in my tea. 
I now drink mostly White Wave Silk fresh soy beverage. They also make a rice
Silk and a chocolate Silk. It has a wonderful flavor and even tastes great in
my tea. 
Even though you don't drive, you could do some footwork over the phone, then
your husband will know where to go for your stuff. 
Good luck! Jan Bennicoff