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dixie diner suggestions

>This is for Linda in NJ who wanted to know where to start with Dixie Diner
>Club. I tried the meatloaf first and it was great. 

I never thought of the meatloaf!  I've used their TVP chicken chunks that
are a nice size to stuff in a pita with some greens-these taste lovely.  I
inhereted the Nutlettes cereal from my mother who said they tasted rancid,
but I enjoyed them incorporated into granola, granola bars, and anywhere
Grape nuts are used.
I also got their powdered yogurt mix (key lime flavour) but was
disappointed with it; it tasted like a *very* sweet lemon merangue pie
filling instead of yogurt.  Has anyone tried different flavours of this?  I
like the idea of the powdered mix, but am hesitant of buying it again if
the other flavours are as sweet and artificial tasting.

The Dixie service was fast and friendly, well packed, and trouble-free from
Texas to Ontario.  I recommend them highly.


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO MGO
Reg'd Osteopath