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recipes using seitan??

I recently bought some sietan & made it last night for the 1st time
(just recently getting more into a vegetarian way of life).

My problem is, that I couldn't get it to taste like anything, and I can
barely stand to eat it!
I sauteed it with fresh garlic, onions, & green peppers. I tried  it,
but it just wasn't tasting right to me. So i thought i'd try making some
"chili" with it... added tomaote sauce & kidney beans... cooked it for a
LONG time hoping the flavors would mix...still couldn't eat it.
(and I'm the type that can throw anything in a pot & it comes out
fabulous! so this was getting to me =))
So then i picked out all the seitan, and put it in the toaster over to
"bake" thinking that may do something.. even sprinkled it with spicey
"Mrs. Dash" & some salt. But still, i can't stand the texture, or taste!

I have half of the "prepared" seitan sitting in my fridge.. waiting to
be cooked up with something, and half a box waiting to be "prepared".

Can anyone please give me some tips on how to cook it & season it?? 
Does it just take a lot of getting used to, or am i missing something??