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Seitan for Aprille


I am testing seitan/gluten for a vegan newsletter I put out about every two
months.  Would you be interested in the recipes as I perfect them?  I could
post them here.  (Cost for the newsletter is just what it costs to have it
printed as I want to help others [$1.00 for two newsletters with two
SASE's] and I am going to have my son help me format it to be sent via
e-mail--when we went vegan Dec of 1994 we were at a loss for something to
eat besides spaghetti and toast!  We weren't very creative.)  I am using
the vital wheat gluten flour and I suspect the mix you used had no
seasonings in it.  I add non-chicken powdered broth type things and Braggs
Liquid Aminos, etc. to the flour and then simmer it in a flavored broth. 
As it sounds like you are a good cook try grinding the seitan and then
making it into meat balls, adding lots of flavored ingredients, and then
baking them.  Good luck, I think seitan can be a wonderful product--it may
just take some testing on your part.

While I am here I am looking for a fabulous burger recipe to include in my
November newsletter.  I have tested oodles and am not pleased with any yet.
 Can anyone help me?

Good luck, Aprille and thanks to anyone sending burger recipes.

Provo, UT

The Phil & Lynne Snyder Family <plsnyder@xxxxxxx>
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