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shredded wheat snack

>I have a friend who really likes to eat spoon-size shredded wheat squares
>as a snack.  I tried them plain like that, and they taste pretty good (like
>triscuits) but they're really dry.  I thought they might be good if I baked
>them with some kind of seasoning (maybe soy sauce?).  I was wondering if
>anyone on the list had ever tried anything like this, and could share the
I haven't sampled this recipe Holly, but it's the ff version of the nuts and
bolts party snack thang.  It might be worth a try:
Spicy Spoon Size Shreddie Snack :-)
1  tbsp     worchestershire sauce (ooops! Anchovies!  Suggest your soy
1  tsp       onion powder
1  tsp       garlic powder
11/2 tsp  salt
11/2 tsp  sugar
3  tbsp    water
3 cups    mini shredded wheat
Mix spices and water.  Gently fold in cereal with a fork until covered with
sauce.  Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet, and bake at 250F for 20
min.  Let cool 15 min before removing from pan.
This was modified from the Crispix snack, taken from the "Fat Free Junk Food
Hope it works.

Registered Osteopath-------