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tried and tested dessert

     For Karen, who was looking for a tested dessert:

     I have had immense success with the Crunchy Fruit Crumble posted in
     the archives by Jennifer Kay (thanks, Jennifer!).  It is posted under
     Fruit Crumble.  I made mine with apples, straw-, rasp-, and blue-
     berries and it was terrific!  I served this to parents and siblings
     last week with ff frozen yogurt and it was with rave reviews that I
     filed this recipe away for future use!

     This was an interesting test since my parents had six of us, with my
     father (then 38) having a heart attack when I (5th of the 6) was in
     first grade.  So, my older siblings remember this meat and potato with
     a big dessert type fare, whereas my younger sister and I were raised
     on a vegetables and fish at most diet.

     Needless to say, the switch to vegetarianism was not difficult and my
     mom and dad are highly supportive.  The other siblings, however, would
     be another story.  I, too, somewhat dread the holidays, since we have
     made it a potluck.  You should see our table!  Half ff and the other
     half so very not.

     Anyway, this dessert is going to be one of my offerings this year.  I
     highly recommend it.