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Re:Sugar and Pectin

Hello List Members,
 I have two questions relating to a vegan way of eating and cooking. I
 would appreciate hearing your ideas and advice regarding them.
 1. Sometime ago someone on this list mentioned the use of pectin as a
 jelling agent for "jello" type deserts and thickening salad dressings
 and etc. They said the directions were on the package of "Pomona"
 pectin. I have not been able to find this brand or any further info
 about the use of pectin for other than jams and jellies. Any help or
 reference would be appreciated.
 2. Of all of the vegan sweetener alternatives which have you found to
 be best for use, economy and easy availability? Honey is not an
 alternative for us. I have been told that white sugar made from sugar
 beets is vegan as the process to make it does not require bone char
as   does cane sugar manufacture. Any info or references on this would
also  be  appreciated.
 Many thanks.