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Re: HFS in southeast PA ???

This is for Aprille:  I live in Doylestown, PA, south of
Allentown, and the Genuardi's here has a lot of things
like aseptic packages of soymilk and rice milk, and what I 
really like: Kashi, the Breakfast Pilaf.  When I was in the
Acme store last week, I saw a woman stocking the health-
food-gourmet section and asked her if they could get 
this Kashi in the Acme.  She asked if I shopped there all
the time.  I lied and said yes.  And then she said I asked 
the right person!  She was the local distributor for 
specialty foods.  It's supposed to be on the shelf in a 
couple of weeks.  This is good, because I don't get over
to the hfs often.  Sorry that I can't recommend a hfs up