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Vegan Ch**se Sauce/Soup

I attended a meeting this weekend at which one of the covered dishes was
mashed potatoes with carrots.  I don't know why I've never thought of
doing that, but tonight I did.

And as usual went a bit too far.

Instead of mashing all of my potatoes and carrots (which took 10 minutes
of steaming in the pressure cooker), I took about half of the goodies
and started to mash them in my food processor.

BING!  (That's the sound of the bell going off in my head.)  I added
water from the pressure cooker to cut the thickness of the mixture. 
Then added some garlic powder, oregano, and a generous supply of
hand-ground parsley.

YES!!!!  A nice creamy sauce!

I took about half of the potatoes and carrots, placed it on a plate and
poured a generous amound of the "sauce" over the veggies.

Back when I was a SADist, I adored thick creamy sauces on things like
fetticuni ala "heart attack on a plate."  Can this sauce be thinned down
and spiced up enough to emulate that horror?

Methinks it can, but it will have to wait until I can eat flour and
pasta again.

In the meantime I plan to try it out as a soup tomorrow.  I swear it has
the consistency and color of ch**se soup.  

Recipe?  I didn't write it down as I did it.  It's one of those
off-the-cuff things that came as an inspiration...I'm delighted it did
and hope that some of you will too!

Beverly Kurtin