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Latin Meal

How about a lowfat/nonfat antipasto?  You could marinate some artichokes
and button mushrooms, arrange them on a platter covered with lettuce,
add some pasta salad made with nonfat or lowfat Italian dressing (use a
tri-color fusili or rotini to make it more interesting), and maybe some
chunks of nonfat mozzarella (or regular if you're splurging), also make
sure you add some lupini beans.  I find them in the Italian foods
section of my grocery store ... they're packed in salt water and make a
GREAT substitute for olives.  Put little piles of garbanzo beans and
roman beans on the platter, or sprinkle them around for a garnish-type
effect, and then garnish with slices of tomato and rings of bell
peppers.  You could also add some peprocini (i believe those are packed
in water), roasted red peppers (water packed ... NOT oil packed), some
gardinera salad (check the label to make sure there's no oil) and a loaf
or 2 of crusty bread on the side.  Ta Da ... a lowfat/no fat antipasto
worthy of Caesar himself!  Hope this helps.