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Hi Everyone-

  While regular tofu maybe high in fat, there are lowfat
tofu's out there.  

  I belong to Neal Pinckney's Healing Heart list, and he
mentioned the following after returning from Ornish's
latest retreat:

" Dr. Ornish now recommends at least one full serving of soy a day.
One serving a full-fat soy food is acceptable for those who are not
getting an adequate variety of whole grains and dark leafy greens. 
While natural food sources are preferable, soy powders are acceptable
for those who doen't tolerate soy well. Products differ greatly, so
read labels carefully. (For a good mail-order source of non-fat
soy (and many other) products, which retain maximum genestein
and other natural phytochemicals, call (800) 233-3668 for a catalog.) "

  Since I'm very active and everything else I eat is FF, I don't worry
about the fat in LF tofu, YMMV.



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