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veggie weddings

To the recently engaged person looking for veggie wedding ideas:

My husband and I were married at sunrise, and had a wonderful breakfast
reception. The only one who noticed that there was no meat was my Uncle Lenny,
who exclaimed "that was great, but where was the sa*sage?!"
There were fruits and french toast and bagels and egg dishes, even cereal and
mimosas. We still had wedding cake at the end. (this was pre-vlf days, but you
could do all of this very low fat and wonderful!)

The wedding was naturally outdoors, but we held the reception at a fancy
schmancy place. Breakfast was surprisingly economical!  Most places are only
used to business breakfast meetings, so we also had no problem securing a date.
It's non-traditional, but it was what we wanted. It just worked out to be very
veggie friendly, economical and really different/exciting. It's amazing to
learn how many people have never seen a sunrise.

Good luck!

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