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Finger Lakes

For Amy, who will soon be visiting us:

The Moosewood (in Ithaca, NY) may be worth a visit because they're famous,
but they're not particularly vegan-friendly, and many of their dishes are
high in fat because they use cheese and pastry.  There is usually one vegan
dish on the evening's menu, but in my experience they're pretty bland.
They also use white flour, refined sugar, etc.

But Ithaca is a great place to eat vegan on a budget (I'm a grad student).
I recommend the ABC cafe on Stewart Ave. at Buffalo St.  The atmosphere is
crunchy and casual, but they have lots of vegan food, nearly everything is
whole-foods, and their nightly specials are delicious.  They also have
yummy vegan desserts.  

Also, if you need a quick lunch or snack, go to the Harvest Deli, in Center
Ithaca on the Commons (the pedestrian mall).  This deli is entirely vegan,
much of it is low-fat, and they're open for breakfast and lunch.  They have
a great raw juice bar.  And they specialize in a locally-made seitan, which
is a staple of my diet.  You can also get good Sri Lankan food at the place
next door.

Finally, if you need groceries or picnic supplies, visit the Greenstar
Cooperative Market (just off routes 96 and 89 if you're coming down Cayuga
Lake).  They have organic salads, soups, and sandwiches to go.  And if
you're in Ithaca on a Saturday, the farmers' market (ask anyone for
directions) is to die for--good shopping and eating, and the early apples
are in!


Sara Ferguson
Sage School of Philosophy
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850