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Re: Watch the tofu

I'd submitted a post but don't remember seeing it appear, so I'm
re-submitting it.

I mentioned that I've been on the FF list for 4 years. I've gone from being
an active participant, to a lurker to an occasional "hit the delete button"
subscriber. The reason is because I will almost always get slammed for my
contribution. I have chosen to send my recipes to eat-lf instead. I know
that there are restrictions on this list, and I know that there are people
with strict dietary requirements. But when I submit a recipe to a FATFREE
list, I assume that it is understood that if you want to use the recipe,
you would be looking for FAT FREE items. There ARE low fat tofu items out
there, for those who are not aware. If I see a recipe that uses cream
cheese, I would automatically buy FF cream cheese, & not the full fat one!
By being so obsessive about the details of a recipe, and discouraging
subscribers to post recipes, the list will only be limiting itself to the
variety of recipes that it would otherwise have gotten. I believe that this
list is moderated and that every recipe that appears would have gone
through Michelle's inspection, so I really do not understand why I was

I have to admit I was hurt when other subscribers asked me not to post the
recipe to this list and suggested that my recipes be sent to other lists
instead. Well, looks like they will be!

Look your best -- who said love is blind?
- by Mae West

Karen Lim                    singapore