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Oops :0)

I don't know what you would call it in other parts of the world!!!

It is sieved tomatoes that come either in a jar 750ml (the one I used 
was by Princes Buon Appetito range.It says "Smooth Rich Sieved Tomatoes" 
but most big supermarkets do their own brand.

Or in 500ml cartons.I have one here by Valfrutta.

It is just tomato and salt.

I have had loads of request as to what it is.I'm sure if I knew the 
brand names in other countries you would all know what I'm talking 
about.However as I suggested to other people, if you can't get it I'm 
sure you could whiz some tinned tomatoes through the blender, but try 
and find the passata.You must have it...by some other name :0)

Try the recipe though it is really tasty spicy and sweet at the same