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spaghetti sauce

I make homemade spaghetti sauce every year for canning. I like to use
plum tomatoes as they have less fluid than regular tomatoes. I don't
bother with removing the seeds but i do skin the tomatoes. the easiest
way i have found to do this is to have a large pan of water boiling..
dip each tomato in the boiling water for a few seconds and they will pop
right out of their skins. I put them whole into the pot to cook down
into sauce.It's kind of an all day thing.. the longer you cook the
thicker it will be. Also I have been told that if you put a whole large
peeled carrot into the pot while the sauce cooks it will reduce the
acidity. Just remove the carrot at the end (or cut it up and let it
in).If you would like my exact recipe email me and I'll get it out to
you. Hope this helps :)