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irritable bowel syndrom

Hi all--

A coworker has recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome,
and, if I remember correctly, someone who is/was on this list had a
link in his/her signature to a web page discussing this issue and
offering help and advice.  I thought I might post, hoping someone knew
the site, since my coworker doesn't know much about what she
should/shouldn't be eating, etc.  You can respond privately and I'll
pass her e-mail address along.

On a more general note, she thinks the problem might have arisen
because she was a vegan for a while and then "went back" (I don't know
her well enough to know her current eating habits).  This was the
first I'd heard of anything like that, although my sister-in-law (with
a food science degree) told me that an allergic reaction I had to
cheese was probably caused by my not eating milk products for so long
(actually, it's only been five months).  Does anyone have experience
with this?  From everything I've read or heard, a vegan diet is quite
healthful, even though most of my family disagrees with me on this
point.  Your comments would be appreciated.

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