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Emes Marshmallows

Regarding the references to Emes kosher marshmallows, I was told recently
by a local vegan-specialty store that they are being discontinued due to
some machinery difficulty.  The store still had some packages for sale, but
said their supply would only last about a week and that they were told they
could not reorder.  Come to think of it, the store is actually a Pangea
store (the website referenced in the posts).  I have checked the website
myself and did notice that the marshmallows are still listed (they mention
that they have discontinued the minis) but would suggest calling or
emailing them before placing the order to see if they are still making
them.  If someone does this and wouldn't mind posting the results, that
would be great.  In regard to the marshmallows themselves, they are
wonderful!  I've only bought them that one time and have been "roasting"
them over my gas range as well as chopping them up (mini!) and putting them
in various hot beverages.  They have a lot of sugar, but taste identical to
the gelatin variety.