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mincemeat & fruitcake

Mince pie traditionally contains meat, but the packaged mince doesn't
necessarily have meat in it.  The little cardboard aseptic packages
around here usually contain lard (not just a meat product, but LARD,
uck), but the small glass jars are sometimes vegetarian.  Some have no
added oil and are vegan except for the sugar.  Park your cart out of the
way and prepare for reading the small print!

I have made pies with this for relatives who MUST have mince at
Christmas, but I intend to try Elle's recipe this year.   It sounds
wonderful, compared to the uninspiring goo in those little jars.

BTW, be cautious about fruitcake - it's often loaded not only with oil,
but LARD!  We are planning to adapt a recipe of our own this year, I'll
be posting after some test batches.