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Cloudy Tea

Since we are talking about cloudy tea again ( I brought this up a while ago
and so many of you kindly responded) I'd like to share what I read in this
month's Good Housekeeping Magazine on this issue.   Here is what they say -
paraphased if you don't mind.

GH chemists, Lipton Tea Co and the NY City-based Tea Association of the USA
say that when tea steeps, tannins - the natural compounds that color tea
leaves - are released into the boiling water.  The heat helps dissolve them,
and the brew is clear enough to see through.   But refrigeration causes
tannins to separate out again, turning the tea murky.   Generally, higher-
quality tea contains more tannins 
 ( because it is richer in solids) and is more likely to become cloudy.  Hard
water is another culprit behind hazy tea.      To make  your tea clear again
stir in 1/2 cup of boiling water per gallon of iced tea just before serving
and - voila - clear tea.   The extra water and the rise in temp are enough to
blend the tannins back in.

Interesting.........more than I needed to know..........but I am glad to have
this "cleared" up