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wheatberries/ and request for help

I like to add a handful of wheatberries to long cooking soups and stews,
even chili.
Sometimes I make "crockpot grains".  I use, maybe 2 cups brown rice, 1 cup
barley, 1 cup wheatberries, for example, along with about 10 cups of water
or broth.  Let it cook on low all day.  You can add various veggies and
seasonings as you like depending on whether this will be for breakfast or
dinner.  (let it go all night and use more water to grains for a great
breakfast porridge.

Off topic, if anyone had any personal experience with prostrate cancer
surgery,  please write to me at jan@xxxxxxxxxx   My father-in-law is having
this surgery on Friday and we are trying to determine how much help he will
need when he comes home from the hospital.
Jan Gordon