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For those of you who are new to the list, here is the way to go to the
archives for a missing digest or to read one that someone mentions on the

If you are missing digest #174 (for example), here's how to get it:
Send an e-mail to:  fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx
(Note:  this is NOT the address that is used to submit recipes and
information, that address is fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx)

In the subject line, put:  archive
In the message section, put:  get volume98/174   (Note:  no space after the
word volume)
Send the message

Very soon you will have digest #174 in your mailbox.

Save these instructions.  If you ever want another digest,just change #174 to
whatever number digest you want.  And for earlier years, change to get
volume97 (and so forth) and in 1999, change to get volume99.

I suppose the year 2000 we will use 00, but we will have to get that
information from the list owner.

Thanks to the person who sent this information when I first began receiving
the list, I'm happy to pass it on now.

Barbara in FL